Open-Plan Offices: What Are The Pros and Cons?

open office

The humble office cubicle is rapidly becoming an endangered species, as open-plan working spaces are becoming the norm for many modern businesses.

Open offices are thought to boost communication & collaboration and generally provide a more pleasant, less claustrophobic work environment. But are they all they’re cracked-up to be? Critics of the open-plan office say they’re just a more efficient way to save costs and cram more people into a smaller space; claiming that they rob employees of peace & privacy, and actally have a negative effect on productivity.

US accounting company SurePayroll decided to dig into the facts and statistics behind these two competing points of view, and studies the pros and cons of both types of office designs. Their findings have been presented in a new infographic, which you can check out below:

office infographic

Is your job office based? Tell us which camp you belong to – do you like the privacy of a cubicle or the social aspect of an open space? Let us know in the comments.