10 Creative Donuts Packaging Designs for Inspiration

donuts packaging

Donuts are delicious, creamy and mouthwatering. Ready to go packaged in Individual Donut Boxes or multiple packaging ones, these are any time quick snacks loved by the masses around the world.

For a number of sweet tooth people around the world, donuts also work as a full meal. The continued interest from donut lovers has pushed manufacturers to go for really beautiful packaging designs to boost their sales. Today, donuts get packaged in some of the most beautiful and creative Donut Boxes. These purposeful packaging boxes not only keep packaged donuts fresh for a long time but also grab attention while on shelves boosting sales.

Custom Donut Boxes from top quality suppliers also make it easy to organize these giant size snacks at all times. When you need Wholesale Donut Boxes for your large-scale businesses, their availability is a major concern as well.

Here are 10 of the most creative and inspiring donut-packaging designs as created by leading donut manufacturers from around the world:

1: Gonuts!® Donut

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The very first one on our list is the Gonuts donut packaging. These guys really gave creativity a new name and innovated with their round cylinder that got 3D printed. The finished designed showed off a hungry mouth with the actual paper packed donut placed inside. There is also a ribbon fixed to pull up the lid comfortably. The whole cylinder can take up to 5 or 6 thick donuts presenting them in all their glory when required for consuming.

2: Donut’s Club

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Donut’s Club is another very successful donut brand. These guys took it to magnificent unique prints for their Custom Donut Box packaging. The simple rectangle shaped box got its attractive look with the high quality colorful printed designs on it. The whole image looks something out of a Disney book attractive people of all ages towards it.

3: Müd

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While we are talking about successful donut and baker’s brands, Müd is another very popular one. Offering cookies, coffees, donuts and many other baker’s items, these guys mix true calm colors with authentic box designs to make everything look great. Their large Donut Boxes have an easy carry gable handle on top and the lighter color tones make them very pleasing and easy on the eye. Grab a coffee to go with your donuts and a single cookie and your office desk will look beautiful with mild colors and attractive designs.

4: 8Munkar

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When you want Individual Donut Boxes, taking a leaf out of 8Munkar’s book is a great idea. Creating their iconic hexagonal shape with symmetrical designs, these guys place donuts in as they belong there. Customers will be tempted to have their colorful donuts showing half of their entirety in these boxes for as long as possible. Very carefully placed text and logo prints are also completed with this implementation making the whole finished box look amazing on of off donuts.

5: Numnut Donuts

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If you can pardon the slight shame in the name of these Numnut Donuts, these actually taste pretty good and look great with beautiful boxes. Offering both single donut boxes and also large ones, these guys use custom texts and plan white backgrounds to their maximum effect. The whole finished design looks elegant and unique with its minimalistic appeal while the donuts inside stay fresh and presentable for as long as required.

6: Doughboys Donuts

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Talking about minimalism, Doughboys Donuts take it to just another level. Offering their drawer-like tray and sleeve lid boxes that slide the donuts out placed in the trays, the whole Kraft paper color with embossed logos look great. These guys make a statement with their eco-friendly materials and simply beautiful generic designs. These Wholesale Donut Boxes can also be reused or repurposed for many distinct applications. Clean them up from the inside and store your household small items in them. Recycle them after you are done reusing them. It all works.

7: Doughnut Stack

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Donut packaging has probably not seen such innovation before. Doughnut Stack makes their creamy delicious donuts look like cups of ice cream. People, who have not been made familiar with this packaging before, often think these as actual ice cream cups. The beautiful round shape with deep spaced cups looks great when they have donuts in them or are empty. These empty cups can also be reused and recycled perfectly. Essentially made from paper and cardstock materials, these are very nature-friendly as they are good looking.

8: Dunkin Donut Packaging Redesign

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Gone are the days when Dunkin Donuts used to be packaged in boring old simple rectangle boxes with clear tops. These guys have modernized their donut packaging a great deal with no previous generations of box designs carrying forward into the newer one. This new design features a middle rod that stands all donuts up in their perfect straight presentable form. The outer cardstock shell is round, thin and yet very sturdy offering maximum protection for the enclosed donuts. The top mounted carrying handle also has a finger cutout for customers to carry it easily. You will not need any additional bags and the donuts will stay good as new for as long as required.

9: Sailor Doughnuts

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Bringing a new design with prints and color combinations, Sailor Doughnuts uses paper bags printed to perfection to create a bold brand statement. The sailor logo along with the black and white color of the paper bag looks unique and very presentable. Donuts slide in and out of the mouth of this bag and when sealed closed, they will stay fresh for a long time. Carry these around easily and consume the donuts, the packaging is only paper and can be disposed of instantly anywhere and everywhere.

10: Donut Monster Packaging

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Bridging the gap between creativity and traditional designs, Donut Monster presents a unique box. This box uses conventional rectangular shape but with the twist of a custom die cut clear window.

The clear window has monster face aligned with it making the donuts appear as if they are in the monster’s mouth. Cool colors are used to make the dark on light or the light on dark theme look amazing. Cardboard materials are used for sturdiness and donut protection.

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