Things to Know about Mind Maps and Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software

Mind mapping is a technique of material presentations introduced by an English psychologist and education consultant, Tony Buzan. He said that the technique was inspired by teaching and learning methods that have been used by famous figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Joseph D. Novak. In general, this technique is applied to make your learning materials look more interesting. The materials are organized well with attractive colors and images so that they are more understandable and memorable.

How does a mind map look like?

Although mind maps are presented with various designs, they have at least one similarity. It is started from the main concept that is branched into some points or categories. It is also equipped with symbols, pictures, and simple words so that our brain can understand the general concept more. There is no need for unnecessary words and sentences. Later, if you must present or explain the mind map, you must use your own words. Sure, it makes you more creative as well.

How does a mind map work?

Tony Buzan introduced the technique while realizing that our brains work with pictures or symbols more associatively than with words or sentences. Based on research, our memories and ways of thinking tend to be related to perceptions, attention and understanding process.

If you are receiving new information, your mind works by connecting it with old information that has been known before. Automatically, the brain also selects information pieces which the most understandable and memorable for you. Therefore, when learning using a mind map, your bran can accept information more easily. It is because there are the additions of association effects including keywords, pictures, colors, and others that are not found in the materials are only in the form of words.

How to make a mind map?

It is actually easy to make a mind map. But the problem is; you need to understand the general concept of the information first before changing it into some points. For materials deliverers like teachers, presenters, meeting hosts, and more, it should not be a big deal. They must have understood the materials a lot so that the process is easier.

But a mind map that functions to understand them may not work well if you are completely blank with the materials. For example, you are a student who wants to learn about the digestive system in your Biology course and then you must stop because there are so many branches of concepts to learn. To ease you more in learning, you may need a kind of mind mapping software in the first place.

What is mind mapping software?

Mind mapping software is software that is mainly developed to create mind mapping from general information or materials. So, you only need to submit the information, in the form of a text, and then, the software automatically changes it into a mind map. One of the recommended software products for this purpose is Mindomo. It is simple and easy to use as well as the result is satisfying. So, you can visit and apply this mind mapping software starting from now.