How to Keep Your Windows Clean for Longer

The maintenance of our windows seems gruelling. No matter how hard we tend to scrub and wipe, in just a couple of days, our efforts are left with no results. However, only a few of us know that window maintenance does not end up only with cleaning them.

Here we will talk about all the house chores, and not only, that will help you maintain your windows clean for more extended periods. You will also receive a clean house, a tidy garden and an allergy-free space in the comfort of your home.

It is all about how you clean your windows

How we clean our windows determines if they will be sparkling, streak-free and will remain the same for a longer period. If we use the best cleaning solutions on the market the wrong way, we will not receive the promised results.

An unfortunate combination of cleaning products and cloth might make your windows harder to clean. While the market is full of cleaning solutions, clothes, sponges, scrubbers, and more, you can try one very easy and helpful method.

Fill a bucket with soap water. Ensure the water is clean and cool before adding the liquid soap. Using a sponge, go from top to bottom and cover the whole window, with the frames, in the solution. Wipe down everything with the help of a clean towel. Continue with spraying white vinegar and wiping it with a lint-free towel in z-shaped movements.

Things you never thought were important

When cleaning our windows, we rarely think of anything different from the cleaning itself. However, there are some chores we can do additionally to improve the quality of it.

Cleaning and removing curtains and blinds

Whatever you have decided to use to stop the bright sunlight or help cool your home contains dust. Blinds and curtains are like magnets for it. To have the best results when cleaning them, it is important to remove them. That way, you can clean your blinds and curtains better, and the possibility of your cleaning method only removing the dust from one place to another is gone.


Removing and cleaning the window screens

Window screens are incredible. A small cover of net on the windows, and you’ll never have to deal with that annoying fly again. This, however, comes at a price. Just like blinds and curtains, screens tend to collect a lot of dust. This dust not only goes on your windows but also comes into your home. This might trigger your allergies or other health issues.

Yet again, it is preferable to remove your screens before proceeding with cleaning. With the help of a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller, you can remove the dust. Follow up with a cleaning solution or spray them with white vinegar and place them back.

Take care of your gardening hobby

Having the dream garden or just having a few flowers and bushes is a dream come true to many, but we all know that it needs a lot of maintenance. If trees or bushes are part of your landscape, you need to know that their leaves collect a lot of dust. In addition, they release a lot of pollen into the air and attract pollinators when they bloom. Despite these being beneficial for your plants, it is different for your windows.

All this dust and pollen is building up on them, along with small stains left by the insects. When you plan your garden’s layout, plant your flowers, trees and bushes a bit further away from your house building. Otherwise, you will have increased window cleaning chores, making them more often and harder.

This will help you not only with your window cleaning but with gutter cleaning too. In addition, you will not worry about any damage that a broken branch or root growth might cause.

Check regularly your air filters

Needless to say, the filters of your AC system and air purifiers must be changed frequently. You need to change your AC filters every 90 days, while the life span of an air purifier filter is 6-12 months.

Having this chore done in time will minimise the amount of dust built on your furniture, window and fabrics. It will improve the air quality in your home, and you will not worry about any allergies or other health problems.

Keep the barbeque and your cooking skills away

This might not be as frequent as it sounds, but you need to consider it. Many do not give much thought to whether they put their barbeque near a window or not, nor do they think of the sink or the stovetops just in front or near one.

Despite your marvellous cooking or bbq skills, you must know that oil spills can go a long way. Having any of the mentioned near any of your windows and you will end up with oily stains on them that will collect even more dust and dirt. Consider where you place your barbeque during the summer and if possible, change your kitchen’s layout.

Solutions you never expected to help you

There are a few non-traditional solutions that will help you fight the war with frequent window cleaning. All of them are easy and efficient.


Rain-X is a product that helps water build up and run off your windows. It is a standard car glass cleaning product that is usually applied to your windshield and windows.

If you already use this for your car, why have you never thought about using it for your house windows?

Rain Repellent

Rain repellent is another car product that is a great helper in domestic window cleaning. Since it helps clear rain, snow and sleet from your windshield, imagine the magic tricks it will do to your windows at home. It also prevents the building up of dust and dirt. The best way to use it is if you combine it with Rain-X.

Window cleaning robot

Nowadays, there are robots for almost every household task or chore at home. Of course, it was time to create the perfect independent window-cleaning robot to take care of your house.

According to window cleaning specialists, you still need to supervise it if the battery dies. However, this robot will wipe all of the dirt from the windows for you. It will then spray them with a cleaning solution that is made to make your windows last longer clean and wipe them with the help of a vacuum.

Sounds nice, right?


Now that you know that house chores are connected, you will be able to maintain your windows in the best way possible. Plus, you will have a spotless home with inviting daylight through the streak-free sparkling-clean windows. What more to ask for?