Cleaning Tips for the End of Your Tenancy


When you are moving out of the rental property you have to leave it as clean as it was when you moved in. That can be really stressful, especially if you do not have much time for all the cleaning that has to be done. That is why the cleaning companies exist but if you decide to do the cleaning by yourself we are willing to give you some tips and make it easier for you. Organization is the key, if you do not organize the cleaning well, hours and hours could be spent on nothing.

Our first advice is to start with removing everything from the shelves, cabinets and cupboards and when you do that, you should wipe them so that any trace of dust or stains could not be found.

Then, move to the kitchen. Kitchen takes a lot of time to clean because of the things inside of her. You have to clean the washing machine, the fridge, the dishwasher, the oven, and all of these things have to be cleaned inside and out. The first thing that the landlord likes to check is usually the oven because people have a habit to leave it greasy because it is very hard to clean it.

After you clean the kitchen, go to the bathroom and start with cleaning the bathtub, sink, toilet, mirrors, and all metallic things as taps and drains. Make sure not to leave anything dirty, check everything twice.

Living room and bedroom can be left for the end. If you have any carpets make sure to give them a thorough vacuum and do not forget to do the dusting. Polish all the shelves and tables if you have not already done that. Furniture has to be vacuumed and washed and also do not forget about the curtains.

When you finish all the above you only have to do a few more things. If you have some marks on the walls try to clean them and if they won’t get off you should paint that wall in the same colour. Clean your windows inside and out and if you have the shutters clean them also.

Do not forget about the staircase, hallway and floors in every room. Give them a thorough cleaning because they get a lot of traffic during the day.

And the last part is the garden. Garden is also something that you have to clean. You have to mow the lawns and leave it as it was before you moved in. The exterior is important as much as the interior of the house so do not neglect it.

After going through these steps you are done with cleaning. If you do not want to do this, you can just call a cleaning company and let them do all the work instead of you, they will for sure do it more quickly and thoroughly. You will get your deposit back, your landlord won’t be able to find one single thing not cleaned properly.