How to Decorate a Small Space

small space

This article, written by Georgie from Drill Service, introduces five ways you can effectively decorate a small living space.

Whether you live in a studio apartment, or want to revamp your smaller-than average living area space; here are some top tips on how to make the most of a small area in your home.

Wall dividers

One of the common problems most people face when living in a limited space studio apartment, is the fact that everything is in one room. This can admittedly look strange and out of place unless you make use of the space, and decorate it to enhance the features.

Wall dividers and book shelves are a great way to stylishly and practically separate your bedroom area to the kitchen or living space, providing a little extra privacy and a more cosy feeling. The best thing about using a book shelf as a wall divider is that it can double up as storage and add a decorative touch. Fill with plants, books, and candles for an effortlessly chic look and feel.

Neutral colour scheme

Opting for a neutral colour scheme over a bold one when decorating a small space, helps give a larger and lighter effect for a softer look. Bold colours can look harsh and overpowering making the small space appear even smaller. Pastel blues, creams and greys work really well.

A black and white colour scheme also works really well to tie in your appliances and other items that would otherwise look out of place in a studio apartment such as cookers and TV’s. The monochrome effect looks sleek and stylish and also helps cookers etc blend into your surroundings instead of making them stand out.

Extend windows

Hang your curtains as high as possible as close to the ceiling and extend the curtain pole 4 inches either side of the window as well to give it a wider appearance and let in more light. Simply opting for blinds over curtains is another great way to create more natural light without using too much space.

Multipurpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture such as beds with built in storage and cabinets can be a way to save money and space, it also eliminates the need for any clutter and doesn’t stop your bed from looking nice and tidy. If you’re really limited on space, opt for a sofa bed and make it the main statement piece of the room.

Shelves and wall lighting

Although shelves may be the most obvious way to save you space, they are also one of the most affordable and effective ways to decorate any small area. Due to their versatility, you can use shelves in any room of your home, such as the kitchen to store cupboard essentials and give a unique ‘display’ effect, or in the bathroom to house plants, perfume and toiletries.

Lighting is key in creating a calm atmosphere in your home, but if you live in a studio apartment you may find you’re limited on space for extra lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps. Instead, try choosing wall lighting as not only will this free up any floor space, but it will also add character and style.

When decorating a small space, here’s what you should avoid:

It’s a struggle to fit all your things in a small place most especially if you have a studio unit. One thing that you should consider is getting a self storage unit.

  • Overcrowding surfaces
  • Wasting valuable space
  • Not making use of natural light
  • Using dark or bold colours on the walls
  • Using too much furniture
  • Using a small rug
  • Downsizing on furniture
  • Leaving your walls bare


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