Everything You Need to Know About Working with an Interior Designer

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Thinking about beginning a new interior design process for your space? Some are eager to dive in and start selecting all the new pieces they want, but lose steam and direction along the way, making for a messy, unstructured process. Sometimes, the best route for a renovation is to hire an interior designer to help you. How do you know when you need an interior designer? If you feel a disconnect between the vision you have and the execution of that vision, or you simply lack direction or the knowledge needed to make your renovation a reality, it’s best that you turn to an interior decorator or interior designer like Décor Aid.

The first part of the search for an interior designer usually begins with recommendations from peers, or a simple internet search for the best interior designer in your vicinity. You should look for a interior decorator that shows style that is pliable enough to adapt to your own needs, is someone you feel like can provide a solution to all the design woes you face, and will create a space that represents you. Your interior designer consultant will steer the whole ship, so it’s not a decision to be made lightly.

You’ll want to schedule consultations with multiple interior designers, because like most things, lightning doesn’t always strike on the first try. You should absolutely ‘shop’ around for an interior decorator, and inquire about all the different components of the process, weighing things like budget, timeframe, and vision. Your interior designer consultant should be able to easily answer your inquiries. When you hire interior designer services, a lot of time and money is on the line, so you’ll want to be absolutely sure the one you choose is the best interior designer for the job.

interior designer

It’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need to have a clear vision of the finished result. Your chosen interior designer consultant can direct you and solve the problems you face with a fresh, experienced perspective, and you can collaborate to discover ideas. Sometimes it takes the assistance of someone else to create a space you didn’t even know you needed. So choose an interior designer that is flexible, fits your budget, understands your style, is realistic and pragmatic, and is someone you get along with— because there’s nothing more miserable than working with a personality that doesn’t mesh. If you can find the best interior designer that can balance all these aspects, you’ll want to hire interior designer services from them right away.

Your designer will then come up with a proposal that outlines the general scope of work and the budget for your project. While this proposal may not contain finalized details, it’s up to the client to approve it if all their needs feel met by the interior decorator. Be sure to decide on a mutual agreement that is satisfying and realistic. It’s not uncommon for a client to be overambitious about the scale of the design, when in reality their budget might not support it. Don’t be against your interior decorator when they find problems with your ideas— it’s their job to be realistic and use their experience to help you, and prove that they are the best interior designer for the project.

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From there you can see sketches, mood boards, renderings, and other visual ideas of what your design is becoming, and have a say in the direction. Your interior decorator will then get to work getting down to the nitty gritty— selecting furniture, paint colors, fabrics, decor, and any other piece imaginable that you discussed bringing into the space. A team can assist you with procuring all these pieces, scheduling deliveries, and finalizing the scope of the design while the work is carried out. The last component of the process is to assemble and place all deliveries into their finished spaces. In taking a look at the space as a whole, you’ll surely notice a number of elements that would not have been possible without the help of an experienced interior designer, which is why if you’re experiencing some hesitation, it can be more than worthwhile to hire interior designer services for a renovation.