Ever wondered what your DNA would look like as a scarf? Now you don’t have to!

DNA scarfs

A new company called Dot One will take a sample of your DNA and use it to create a unique piece of art based on your DNA profile. The glitchy pattern of coloured blocks, squares and stripes can then be transferred to posters, t-shirts, socks, cushions – or the fetching scarves pictured above!

The name Dot One is a reference to the 0.01% of your DNA that is totally unique to you, and is used to create your personalised piece of art (it turns out that the other 99.9% of your DNA is identical to every other human being on the planet). Dot One have partnered up with a DNA testing company who can take a sample (usually a cheek swab) and use it to analyse your DNA back in the lab.

DNA poster

The scientists look for unique markers known as Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). These special pieces of genetic code are unique to you, and are responsible for all sorts of individual traits – such as your height, your hair colour, the shape of your nose, and so on. The raw DNA data (a sheet full of letters and numbers) is sent back to Dot One’s design studio where it’s colour coded and interpreted into a piece of art.

Each product ordered also comes with an illustrated book containing scientific information and facts about your DNA.

DNA book by Dot One

About Dot One

Dot One was set up by designer Iona Inglesby with the aim of “taking genetics out of the lab and into the public sphere in an accessible way.” She’s keen to ‘de-mystify’ the complex science that takes place behind the closed doors of a laboratory.

As well as DNA products, Dot One also run talks & workshops and produce other personalised gifts.


Images courtesy of Dot One.