How to put your mental health first and keep the stress at bay

mental health

While mental health used to take a back seat in our lives and was often shrugged off with a less than sympathetic ‘man up’ or ‘stop worrying’, today we’re beginning to see the importance of looking after our minds as well as our bodies. With mental health now becoming more prominent in today’s society, knowing how to take care of yours is vital in making the most of everyday and feeling content and in control whatever life throws at you.

Body matters

You may think that looking after your mind is quite a separate thing to looking after your body, but with the two intrinsically interlinked, you simply don’t get one without the other. Respecting your health and getting enough exercise is important in balancing your health and feeling as though you have everything under control. Being inactive can make you feel sluggish and a sluggish body means a sluggish mind. Shake off the feeling of lethargy and get those serotonin levels lifted.

Organise and plan ahead

Whether it’s a five year plan or a plan for the afternoon, having things prioritised and being mindful is essentially in keeping all those stress inducing hormones at bay. Whether your goal is getting your hands on a shared ownership home in Birmingham or getting your PhD, having a good idea of where you’re going can be particularly helpful in keeping a clear focus and a greater perspective. We all suffer from knocks and setbacks but to keep in mind the bigger picture can really keep you grounded and make the blocks in the road and diversions a little less overwhelming.

Communication is key

Never underestimate the power of a good chat over a brew! Talking can really help give you the advice and understanding that will make you realise you are not alone. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and this really does tend to be the case. Whether you’re a first time buyer in London worrying about where you’re going to get the funds or you feel like you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, talking to someone, seeking advice and listening to how others have been through the same can be extremely helpful.

Take some time out

Our lives our hectic and sometimes all it takes is to take a breath and realise everything really is ok. Switching off and taking a few moments to gather your thoughts can be helpful in keeping your head above water and allowing you to recharge now and again. Our brains were built for a much quieter world so give it a break and leave the phone for an hour or so. Whether its a simple walk in the park or lying on your grass in the garden, a bit of head space is always helpful.

So whatever may be on your mind, give yourself a break and put your head first.