How To Market Your Mobile App On A Budget

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Apps can be expensive, and adding marketing to that cost just may not be doable at the current time. So what do you do? Here are a few of the best tips we can recommend as Edmonton App Developers!

It’s no secret that getting initial users can be incredibly difficult to start with. Your idea may be solid but simply pushing it to app stores isn’t going to be enough. So what can you do? You may not have capital right now but you do have time, and putting a solid amount of time into spreading the word about your mobile app can be very effective if done properly. Here are a few tips based on our Edmonton App Development team’s feedback.

Leverage Your Free/Existing Channels

A great technique is to provide a ton of different points of discovery for your potential users to find you. Leverage social media platforms, websites, blogs, review bloggers, email newsletters, and many others serve as great places to gain decent exposure. Use every channel you can to give potential users information, and let them download your app. The more calls to action you have, the more opportunities users will be presented with to download your app.


Not many people know that there is optimization techniques for app stores. ASO is leveraging content, descriptions, keywords, and metadata to put your app as a high ranking result for a variety of different search queries. Although it is highly recommended to consult with your Edmonton App Developer for your app specific tips, a general rule of thumb is that every app store is a bit different in terms of ASO ranking. In a very shocking turn of events to app owners, the Apple App Store is far more strict than the Google Play Store in ASO ranking techniques. Google Play allows for keyword title injections, descriptions, URL, and package name. The Apple App Store –  being more strict – will only allow one dedicated keywords section.

Seek Coverage

Your mobile app likely covers a particular niche of shopping, service, industry, or entertainment. So why not do a bit of research and figure out what relevant outlets are discussing these sort of mobile apps. Bloggers, magazines, Vloggers, press outlets, and so many other forms of media are released daily for your app’s niche. Start by doing a bit of research through a few Google searches, make a list, and start pitching your app’s story and see who picks it up, you might be surprised!

mobile apps

Small Budget Usage

Although your budget might be small, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a few bucks a day at something very powerful. By doing the research and setup ahead of time, you’ll be able to make amazing ad campaigns for as little as a few dollars a day. Although it may not seem like much, the exposure numbers alone are enough to justify the cost and can be a huge push to get your app its first few users! Facebook playable ads are a great, cost-effective way to gain exposure.


Hopefully this helps get you started in the right direction with your mobile app. Although we always recommend consulting with a professional marketer, there is always something you can do yourself to get things started and keep costs down. If you’re interested in speaking further with our Edmonton App Development team, visit the Contact section of our website, we would love to discuss how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.


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