Tips for adding personality to your Christmas cards

Christmas cards

It’s the season of giving once more! Exchanging gifts, stealing kisses under the mistletoe, and putting smiles on people’s faces are some of the best parts of Christmas. It does the heart good knowing you’ve given a little joy to someone this holiday season. In fact, by just giving a card, it will instantly put someone’s frown upside-down. Giving Christmas cards is a beloved tradition that’s still practiced today, even despite the rise of e-cards in the digital age. There’s no replacing opening up the envelope, reading the sweet Christmas message, and if you’re lucky, getting some cash inside it.

For this Christmas season, why not put your own spin into the Christmas cards you’ll send this year? Stray away from those bookstore hand-me-downs and make your own for a more unique and more personal card. But sometimes, even the homemade ones can look pretty common, so to help you out, here are some tips to adding personality to your Christmas cards.

Make it Specific to the Recipient

If you really want to show how much you care for the recipient, make the card specific to his/her interests. If he’s into football, add the pictures of his favorite players on it. If she’s into fashion, make it out of old fashion magazines for a slick and stylish-looking card. There are loads of ways in which you can incorporate your loved ones’ favorites to make it more personal to them instead of making it seem you just bought the piece in an ordinary shop.

Ditch the Snowflakes and Santa Claus

Unique Christmas cards make for memorable mail. This season, ditch Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen, and other popular and common holiday imagery when making your card. The words “Merry Christmas!” and maybe a personal letter inside are enough to convey that the card you’re giving is of the holiday spirit. You can also stray away from classic Christmas colors, like green and red, and go for more eye-pleasing tones that maybe the recipient will love, such as pastels and neutrals.

A Little Nature Wouldn’t Hurt

Perhaps the best element to incorporate on your card to still evoke a Christmassy feel is to add a little nature. Florals may be common as card designs, but holiday flora, such as green holly and mistletoe, can still do the trick without sacrificing the uniqueness. Compared to characters like Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman, these plants are not as heavily commercialized during the Christmas season. They’re still integral parts of the holiday imagery, nonetheless, and will make for exquisite designs for your card.

Use Unique Typography

Sometimes, you won’t even need that much imagery onto your card to make an impact, a unique typography will so. Writing down your words in an eye-catching style will save you more space for your message, less time to work on it, and a subtle but sophisticated card. If you decide to have it digitally-made, there are also still a number of unique fonts to choose from that are beautiful, beguiling, and evokes the holiday spirit. Go for the ones that are uncommon for the Christmas season and that your friend will most likely appreciate.

Make it Scented

Adding music is tried and tested in the world of card-giving, so take a different turn and add a scent instead. The scent could be anything under the sun, from luxurious perfumes to home-cooked smells for that warm feeling. At least, with scented Christmas cards, the recipient is less likely to get bored with it, unlike ones that play the same music over and over everytime you opening it. An added bonus is that scented cards also make for great decorations, one that your loved ones will proudly display in their home.

Always Add a Handwritten Note

The most personal part of any card is a handwritten note or letter on it. Printing it works too, but there’s nothing quite like seeing one’s penmanship to know that the giver was thinking of you when he/she was writing it. Give this feeling to another loved one this Christmas season by writing your own message onto your card. Whether it’s a long letter or just a small note sharing good tidings for the holidays, nothing puts a more personal touch on a card like actually writing on it.

Share good tidings this Christmas season the best way you can by giving a personal Christmas card. The more unique they look and feel, the more your loved ones will appreciate them!

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