5 Important Details You Didn’t Know about Power Steering

5 Important Details You Didn’t Know about Power Steering

Unless you’re a vehicle mechanic or car enthusiast, it’s likely you don’t have a lot of knowledge about power steering. You may know that your vehicle has it and the fluid needs to be refilled from time to time. However, that may be where your education has stopped. In today’s short article, we’re going to look at five facts regarding power steering so that you can be more informed about how it’s essential to smooth operation of your vehicle.

It Must Be Flushed Every 30,000 Miles

Power steering fluid is essential to help lubricate the steering in your vehicle. Over time, dirt and debris can get into the fluid. In addition, fine particles from the power steering components can actually contaminate the power steering fluid. It’s recommended to change the fluid every 30,000 miles. Lack of doing so will cause the pump to work harder than necessary, meaning premature wear out of the power steering pump.

There Is A Power Steering Filter

Apart from changing out your power steering fluid every 30,000 miles, you want to regularly change the power steering filter. This filter works to keep debris and dirt out of the power steering components. It’s recommended to change this power steering filter once every year.

Whining When Turning Is A Warning

If you start to notice a higher pitch whining sound coming from your vehicle when turning, it’s an early indication that something isn’t right. Your power steering pump is likely starting to fail or is low on fluid. It’s a good idea to get your vehicle into your auto mechanic sooner rather than later to identify and remedy this issue that you’re experiencing.

Hard Steering Wheel Can Mean You’re Low on Fluid

If you’ve ever driven a vehicle that has no power steering, it’s a tough turn of the wheel. You’ll notice that you’ll need to put forth a forceful effort in order for the vehicle to turn completely. Since you drive your vehicle on a daily basis, you should be alerted when your vehicle feels like it’s harder to steer than normal. Take some time to assess the amount of power steering fluid you have in your car. It’s likely the fluid level is low.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance Can End Up Costing You A Bundle

It’s very important that you do the necessary maintenance for your power steering system. This means annual filter changes and fluid changes every 30,000 miles. If you neglect to do this regular maintenance, it will wreak havoc on your power steering system. The fluid will likely get overly filled with contaminants that will make the power steering pump work harder. This will prematurely wear out the pump and cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

Understanding how the power steering works in your vehicle is a must. This way you not only understand the proper maintenance that needs to be taken into account but also so that you understand the warning signs to look out for. The more you know about how your vehicle operates, the better off you’ll be when handling vehicle repairs.

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